Friday, August 13, 2010

Time To Check The Rules

Dan and I had the chance to golf the Kananaskis Golf Course while we were camping in Bow Valley. Of course it was a beautiful day and that course has some amazing views but we had an extra special treat that day. As we drove up to the #3 tee box Dan points to what he thinks is an Elk walking away from us into the bush. As we look a little closer we realize it's not an Elk but a Bear! That's right a Bear no farther away than from me to you. Upon further investigation, which included us quickly turning the cart around and having the Bear turn and stare directly at us, we realized it wasn't actually a Black Bear like I thought, but a GRIZZLY BEAR. This was apparent by the golden colored fur and the HUGE head. So after a quick consultation with the other two in our group, this was done as we drove the carts away hoping that Grizzle Bears can't out run golf carts, we decided, lacking the current PGA rule book, we should get a free drop at the 150 marker without penalty.

After the game we bumped into the group behind us who not only saw the same bear but also it's buddy. That's right, two Grizzly Bears. One distracting us while the other was most definitely sneaking up behind us to steal our clubs.

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