Friday, August 13, 2010

Another wonderful camping trip

This afternoon, we came home from our week in Bow Valley with Dan and Tina.  The weather was fairly good; there were a few showers here and there but overall, the rain held out until this morning...that is, with the exception of a hailstorm yesterday in which Tina and I found ourselves stuck in a restaurant in Canmore without jackets or umbrellas.  We decided to wait it out and have desert.  A double fudge brownie, best decision of the week! 
The time went by quickly.  We had a quiet and relaxing week enjoying each other's company and taking it easy.  The guys had a fantastic time riding bikes and taking frequent walks to supervise the coming and goings of the many trailers in the campground.  Tough job but someone has to it.  Dan got back on a bike for the first time since 1984, or so he claims, and I think he realized just how much he missed it, all except for the bike seat.  Tina and I took a few leisurely walks (she appreciated having someone to walk beside her instead of ten feet in front of her...take a hint, Dan!), sat around and read, took a few naps and had a princess day in Canmore on Thursday.  Just what the doctor ordered for the two pregnant ladies! 
Last night, Dan, Tina, Ryan, Hunter and I checked out the show at the amphitheatre and it was a hit.  We all seem to have great luck with having our loved ones shine on stage.  Dan was chosen for a part in the show...and we thought Julien was the actor in the family!

As usual, we enjoyed the show, then headed back for our final campfire.  We had such a terrific time that we started planning our trip for next year!  Thanks for the wonderful week, Dan and Tina!

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