Friday, August 6, 2010

Take One

Well, this is my first entry.  I am really quite impressed that I now have a blog, despite the fact that I am usually the last to use any technological advances such as facebook and twitter.  Yet here I am with my very own blog (of course with some supervision and support from my patient and loving husband...just in case!).  However, Janae, my sister-in-law, was kind enough to remind me that we are the last of  the Van Orman clan to start a blog.  Janae, this entry is dedicated to you!

As my first entry, there is lots of good news to share.  I had an exceptional day today.  I will start backwards and leave the best for last.  Well, there is the new blog thing, of course.  Just before that, I finished a project that I have been working on all week.  I have been busy sanding and priming and painting furniture, from when I was a child, for the nursery.  I love it and am very excited about finishing the other two pieces now.  I have included a picture of the furniture that still needs to be finished to give you an idea of what it looked like before.

Now for the best news.  Earlier today, Ryan and I went for an ultra-sound and we saw Scooter (baby's nickname for now) for the first time!  And I have wonderful news, Scooter has two arms, two legs, a large head, eyes, ears (Ryan told me to specify that we only saw one but I'm pretty sure they are both there), a nose and a beating heart.  Scooter's heart rate was 154 beats per minute.  Last week, Scooter's heart was beating 171 beats per minute!   Don't worry, the doctor said it was normal for the baby's heart rate to go down after the first trimester.  I read in my baby book about an old wives' tale indicating that if a baby has a heart beat over 140 that it is most likely a girl.  Ryan looked a little scared when I told him this. ; ) Here is a sneak-a-peak picture of our little bundle of joy.

And that is my first entry!


  1. Wow, Nicole! I’m impressed by your speediness at starting the blog for me! I’m so happy to have everyone in our family on the blogging train. The furniture turned out super cute! Can’t wait to meet little Scooter!

    My mom says: The furniture looks great. But of course our favorite part of the blog is the baby's first portrait!

  2. The furniture turned out great! Did you have to strip it or did sanding work? Looks awesome. Welcome to the blogging world!