Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camping with the French

We just got home from the second annual Constantin Camping trip. It was a little different format this year, as it was only Momma and Poppa Constantin and us.

Julien showed up for a couple hours on Sunday so we also got to visit with him.

I have to admit it was a treat to get to spend the weekend with just the parents. Our visits are usually filled with the whole family and so this was some good quality time for us to spend together.

The weather always seemed like it was just bordering on turning to rain, but we made the entire weekend without getting wet, and there was even some sun. There was also a lot of smoke in the air from the forest fires in BC, but that just helped mask the smell of the campfire.

It was a pretty standard trip with cards (I almost won at wizard, I scored 190 in the POSITIVE, that never happens!)

Boccie (team Van Orman beat team Constantin/Once a Constantin)


Bike rides through the trees (Denis' bum held up nicely as we weaved through the trees) and staying up late watching wood burn (both Denis and Martine stayed up till about 11pm on Friday...I know we were shocked too.)

All in all it was a great trip. It is also our second last planned trip for this year. Not to say we won't go some more but it does seem as though our camping days are numbered for this year.

Check out the entire photo set from the camping trip here

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