Sunday, August 29, 2010

July Long Weekend in Vancouver

I've been slowly trying to catch up on what's going on, or really what went on. So this one is a bit older.

For the August long weekend this year we had the good luck to be able to fly out to Vancouver and visit our friends Jim and Laura.

I've know Jim and Laura for a number of years now, but we've not had many chances to visit with them over the last couple years as they moved out to Vancouver.

There were numerous talks of us coming out to visit and we almost made it there last March during spring break. Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to cancel that trip and so rescheduled for the July long.

It was a great trip, we had great company and Laura made sure that we were never bored. In fact I almost needed a vacation from my vacation.

Jim and Laura live right in Yale Town so there was never any real issue getting around and never any lack to things to see, do, or eat. The Canada Line train from the airport practically dropped us off at their door step. And what a door step it was. Not right on the water, but as close as we were, there really isn't any need to split hairs.
As you can see, the view was spectacular. In the one picture you can even see Granville Island.
So how did Laura keep us busy?
The first day we rented bikes and rode along the seawall through Kitsilano to Hadden Park. Here we had a great lunch, people watching along English Bay. From there, a ride home, followed by getting ready, then dinner out in Yaletown. Again we got to walk and it was easy to see why people might choose this lifestyle. Restaurants, markets, stores all withing walking distance.

Granville Island was one of our afternoon outings. We took the Sea Taxi from the dock just across the street and within a couple minutes we were right on Granville. Laura and Nicole drug me through the market and it was easy to see that we needed to split up. So after lunch, Jim and I sat and discussed the finer points of owning a sailboat while Nicole and Laura shopped it up.

We also did Stanley Park and the Aquarium. So first, off to the bike rental store, then along the seawall in the other direction. First stop was a picnic lunch in Stanley Park. It wasn't hard to find a great spot for lunch.
From there it was into the Vancouver Aquarium. I haven't been here since I was 13 and so can't suggest I know if it's changed or not. My one thought is, for the space, it was a pretty amazing place. It was far and away better than the Seattle Aquarium and my only regret was we didn't spend enough time there. We did get to see both the dolphin and whale shows, so even though we were short on time, we did get the most out of the visit.

After the shows we spent some time wondering the exhibits, again pretty impressive. The 4D section was pretty cool as it was pretty interactive. I think they suggested it may have been designed for kids, but I'm pretty sure they meant adults!
I know this is getting long, but we're pretty much done. The last event was the International Fireworks Finale. It was a tribute to China, the winners from last year. I guess that was alright, the music wasn't my first choice, but then I was there for the fireworks alone. Laura arranged for seats for the show. I think they said the price tag was down this year from last? I still say the show was amazing.
Here is a little video that Nicole did of the finale. I know, amazing right!

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