Sunday, August 8, 2010

Catching Up

When Nicole started this blog, it didn't seem as romantic as a good old fashioned written journal. But it really struck me when my Dad talks about reading his journal and all the things he doesn't remember. Unlike him I have a great memory but .... what am I doing again?

So I wanted to catch this up a bit. Nicole figures we should only have this blog chronologically moving forward, but we all know I'm the boss.

I'll make it short and sweet. Ok it's neither short nor sweet, but you can take a break. Also I've linked out to our photo album so you can see more pictures.

Like each summer since Nicole and I have been together, it's always busy. By the beginning of August, we've camped 12 days, which we all know I LOVE, and there has also been all the projects around the house. Nicole's dressers, our new garden boxes and we're still trying to get the house trim done.

Some of the trips that we actually took pictures of were the Van Orman Reunion in Drumheller. It's always a good time. This year Jordan and Cyd couldn't make it but they were busy with their new little boy Augustus. So we can forgive them that. Like always this trip is about food and Mom making sure that we have enough to do (we did a couple day hikes, golfed, visited the reptile museum and played a lot of blongo ball).

Nicole, Hunter and I also attented the Canada Day celebrations down on Prince's Island Park. We got to sit on the grass and enjoy a lot of Canadian talent on the stage. Hunter also took pictures of the ducks. I only put one up, but he probably came back with 10.

Then there was our long weekend camping trip to Lac Des Arcs. That's as french as I get. We got to enjoy this long weekend with 3 other families. Scott, Lori, and Nixon. Tim, Tannis, and Gabby. Rick, Darlene and their two dogs. The weather was pretty good and I finally got to walk the Heart Creek Trail. It wasn't challenging at all, but was a great couple hour walk.

How about Westward Ho? Every year we try to camp with my brother Warren and his family. We usually get in a couple, but this year I think we'll have to settle for one. This year we did Westward Ho which I've always enjoyed, and we hadn't been there in a while. The weather was hot and we had the added benefit of a family next to us that was from our neighbourhood, Hawkwood, as well. They had three kids and they were of similar age to Hunter and Ally. So for the entire weekend we barely saw those two kids except when they needed someone to float down the river with them. Ok I guess Hunter didn't need us to float the river with him, but as the always worrying father, I timed his trips and was pretty sure he had drowned each time.

With this campground it always makes me start thinking about what it'd be like to have an annual campsite. The ability to just pack the car with what's needed for the weekend and never need to worry about reserving or filling the truck with gas. Nicole could go out during the week and I could join up after work. Anyway, wondering and reality are a bit closer now. We are on the waiting list for a spot next year. So we'll see how that goes.

We still want to show off our trip to Dawson Creek as well as Vancouver, but Nicole is yelling at me that this isn't a novel. So I guess we will save that for next time.

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