Sunday, July 20, 2014

Top 10 Things I Love About My One Year-Old...

In no particular order.

10. Her hair - I don't know where they come from but I love her crazy, curly locks and hope her hair continues to grow in curls.  It is just one more thing that makes her unique.

9. Her adventurous personality - Elise will climb chairs, tables or pretty much anything that gets in her way.  When she goes places, she is running at full speed.  She has had more tumbles, falls, scrapes and cuts in her short one and a half-years than her sister ever has.
8. Her fishy-kiss face - When it is time to go to bed or when one of us is leaving the house, Elise will perk up her lips into a fishy face to give us a kiss goodbye.

7. Her love of music - As soon as she hears music, she will stop and start bouncing to the music and making up her own words to the song.

6. Her excellent communication skills - Elise is very good at letting us know her wants and needs.  She grunts and points and if that doesn't work, she will just start screaming.  She will also use a quieter way of communicating by simply bringing us our shoes to tell us she is ready to go somewhere or grabbing a finger and taking us to wherever it is she wants us to go.

5.  Her small, carefully chosen vocabulary -  Elise knows a few words and sentences that suit her adventurous personality, such as "Big jump!" which she says every time before jumping off a step or her bed.  Other words or phrases she uses: puppy, bird, please, thank you, happy, sissy (as in sister), stop it and give me are among my least favourite.

4. Her hugs - Once she gets her arms around your neck, she squeezes tight.  I love it and hope she never stops!

3.  Her adoration for her sister - Elise loves Sophie so much.  She watches, follows and copies her older sister all day long.  I love to see them laugh and play together.

2.  Her affectionate nature - Whether it is giving out hugs, kisses or just plain old cuddles, this girl loves to give love.  And she isn't picky about who she is snuggling with; Baron is often the target of her affection.

1.  Her smile - She has a beautiful, heart-warming smile that makes her Mom forget just how tired she really is.
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

More Growing Up

There were a couple of pretty special days for Sophie in June that shouldn't go unmentioned.  First, Sophie finished her first un-parented class, a move and movement class which she loved.  When it first started, I was so concerned that she wouldn't want to stay because it was the first thing she had ever done without me.  She was excited before the class even began and on the first day, she ran in without looking back.  Elise and I were left at the door, feeling lost without her.  Funny how things turn out.  Anyways, she loved the class and her teacher, and she can't wait until the fall to take another class.  She told me she wants to take ballet next!  We were allowed to attend her last class to take some pics.  We were so surprised at how well she listened to her teacher.  She was always the first to line up and follow instructions.  I wonder why she doesn't listen to her Mom like that...
Sophie also finished playschool at Early Discoveries this June.  We had been attending a parented class since September.  We went once a week to listen to stories, do crafts and sing songs.  Elise came with us as well and would sing and clap along.  Sophie's good friend, Emily, was also in this class.  Sophie received her very first diploma from her teacher, Mrs. Goodwyn.  Sophie will attend an un-parented preschool in the fall.  Such a big girl!
Our first camping trip of the year was also in June.  We went to Bow Valley with  our good friends, Scott, Lori, Nixon and Leland.  Despite a rough first night with little sleep, everyone had a great time. 
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

Elise is almost 16 months old and we only just got around to getting some family pics that included her.  We had planned on getting some in the fall but every time we booked the photographer, it snowed that weekend.  After a couple tries, we just gave up and decided to try again in the spring or summer, when it was less likely to snow.
We found a photographer to take pictures of us at Confederation Park.  It started out poorly; Sophie refused to look at the photographer or smile.  She was having a bad day and she just has issues with male strangers.  After 20 minutes or so, she warmed up a little and we managed to get some great pictures.  The photographer said on an average shoot, he takes 150 pictures in an hour.  He took 400 for our family and felt unsure that there were going to be enough good ones.  Ha ha!  Poor guy!  Not sure if we will be able to get him to take our pics next year.

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