Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sibbald Creek

This last weekend, we may have gone camping for the final time this year.  Even if we make it for one more trip, we are pretty sure it will be the last time camping in the mountains for the year, seeing as how I am convinced there was snow mixed in with the rain on Saturday evening.  We had a great time at this annual camping trip that our friend, Tannis, organizes every year for late August.  We arrived Friday evening around dinner time and enjoyed a quick dinner, then some visiting around the camp fire.  Sean allowed us all to become a part of his "Team Awesome" and branded us with some camouflaged duct tape.  I got to practice being a mom as Gabby fell asleep in my arms for a few hours.  I took her to bed with me afterwards until her mom and dad were ready for bed.  I apparently can't make it to adult bedtimes anymore! 

The next day was filled with activities.  Ryan and I took a walk and tried to take some artistic pictures with our new camera.  

There were card games, some hacky sack and lots more visiting with friends. 

Unfortunately, that evening, the weather deciced to turn and so we moved our picnic tables into the cook house and spent the evening in there by the fire.  It continued to rain through the night and into the next morning, so Sunday, we packed up quickly and headed for home.  As usual, we enjoyed our camping trip and had a great time visiting with our friends. 

For all our pictures, look here.

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