Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back Tracking

Okay, okay!  Ryan insists that we must back track and write about all we have done this summer.  I guess I should be thankful that he doesn't think we should recapture our entire year!  So I am here to tell of our trip to Dawson Creek which was taken mid-July for a friend of mine's wedding.  Dawson Creek is about nine hours north-west from Calgary.  We made several stops along the way, one in a quaint town called Beaver Lodge.  That is a picture of us in Beaver Lodge, in case you hadn't guessed.  The drive up was beautiful.
While in Dawson Creek, we wanted to make sure we did all the touristy things there is to do there.  So we went to a historical park, similar to that of Heritage Park in Calgary.  There were old farm houses, school houses, a firehall and lots and lots of tractors.  After spending some time there, we headed to Kiskiwana Bridge.  It is the largest curved trestle bridge in North America.  Our last stop of the day was at "Mile O,"  which is considered the beginning of the Alaskan highway.  All in all, I think we did quite well as far as sight-seeing in Dawson Creek goes.

Now let's not forget the reason we went to this exciting, sight-seeing town to begin with.  It was Clark and Tova's wedding.  We had a wonderful time watching Clark and Tova get married and visiting with friends. 

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