Sunday, March 27, 2011

All But The Trim

So I know there was a dry spell for posting, now look, a couple posts in a couple days.

I know with all the pictures of the baby you'd think there wasn't much else going on in our lives, but that would be false. On top of the baby I've been crazy busy in the basement as well.  So much so that Nicole was starting to wonder if Sophie would ever know her dad.

Well I have good news for you Sophie, here I am.  The basement is pretty much complete. I have the plumber scheduled to come finish the bathroom, and except for that and some finishing trim, IT'S DONE!

You'll maybe notice the doors and trim are missing, I'll get to those once I get to know my baby first.

For a bit of a trip down memory lane you can see the basement progress here.
The permit
Ready for drywall
Drywall done

Friday, March 25, 2011

5 weeks young!

Sophie is five weeks young today.  So far, most of her days have been filled with feedings, cuddles and naps.  We also try to squeeze in some playtime.  Despite this very uneventful schedule, time seems to fly by.  My days are a little more busy, trying to do laundry (wow!  babies make a lot of dirty clothes) and keep the house somewhat tidy.  This would explain the lack of posts; our apologies to those who have been checking in.  We have managed to introduce Sophie to most of our family and friends over the past five weeks.  We have had a number of visitors eager to meet her.  We also hosted an open house where friends and family stopped in to welcome Sophie.  She has consistently been a pleasure with visitors around.  She will sleep in anybody's arms which makes both visitor and Sophie very happy. 

We even made a trip to Edmonton so Sophie could meet her great grandparents, uncles, aunt and cousin.  While she has been very sweet for the visitors who have come to our home, she was a bit cranky for the trip.  I guess she doesn't like travelling very much which is surprising since we stayed at Hotel MacDonald.  5 star hotels just aren't her thing.  I guess there really is no place like home.  Sophie and I have also managed to make a few outings on our own as well, grocery shopping, Chapter's, the chiropractor (she hung her upside down!), visiting friends, and we have even taken Baron for a few walks, although they have been few since the weather has been so miserable. 

So far, she has been a great baby.  Evenings seem to be the most challenging, as she can get fussy and demand constant rocking but nights have been pretty good.  There are the typical feedings every 1, 2 or 3 hours but then she usually has no problem going back to sleep.  I keep meaning to start a routine for bedtime so she can go down as easily as her cousin Gus but so far I haven't been very sucessful.  I may need some help with that one (Jordan and Cyd, do you have any pointers for me?).

Sophie is growing very quickly and can already hold her head up for anywhere between five and ten seconds.  She also seems eager to crawl.  When we put her on her belly, she tries hard to move forward.  Her head is up, her legs are pushing forward, she just lacks the strength in her arms to get this going.  Soon enough Sophie!