Sunday, March 27, 2011

All But The Trim

So I know there was a dry spell for posting, now look, a couple posts in a couple days.

I know with all the pictures of the baby you'd think there wasn't much else going on in our lives, but that would be false. On top of the baby I've been crazy busy in the basement as well.  So much so that Nicole was starting to wonder if Sophie would ever know her dad.

Well I have good news for you Sophie, here I am.  The basement is pretty much complete. I have the plumber scheduled to come finish the bathroom, and except for that and some finishing trim, IT'S DONE!

You'll maybe notice the doors and trim are missing, I'll get to those once I get to know my baby first.

For a bit of a trip down memory lane you can see the basement progress here.
The permit
Ready for drywall
Drywall done

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  1. Well it looks really nice. Very impressive work. I bet it will really make the rest of the house open up by having the extra room down there.