Sunday, January 23, 2011

75 Trips Later

It feels like it's taken me 75 trips to the hardware store to get the basement ready for drywall, the last trip was for $5 in 2x2s.  It's also pretty amazing how much time the basement has sucked up.  That said, we're getting drywall delivered Monday and the work should start shortly after that.  Pretty exciting if you ask me.  We might be able to get some furniture into the basement before Scooter arrives (sans carpet).

In other news Baron has been busy being busy.  It'll be nice to have another photography subject once Scooter gets here.  Seems a little weird all the dog pictures.
Also here is my public safety announcement.  Anyone who skis without a helmet is a fool.  I lent my helmet to a friend over the holidays.  I think it was an after thought on his part.  Good thing he took it.
The good news is I have a fancy new helmet with no giant cracks.

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