Sunday, December 12, 2010

I thought weekends were for relaxin?

Well the weekend is done, and so is the rough wiring.  It was a long stretch. Denis started on Friday morning and we finally finished on Sunday evening.

I can't really say that Denis was a big help because that would assume he was assisting.  He was actually a rock star, working in the basement before I woke up and even when I was at work.  It was really more like a free electrician, wait that's exactly what it was.  He even knew what he was doing I think this picture proves my point.

I won't be able to get the electrical inspection done until next week as I have a pretty busy week ahead.  I'm in Edmonton for two days and pretty busy at work for the rest.  When I'm off for Christmas holidays I'll schedule the inspection.

As for the electrical, I'm not going to suggest that I learned much, it still seems like greek to me.  That didn't stop me from at least trying to be helpful (someone has to clean and make the 3 trips to Home Depot).

It's pretty messy work. By the time the vapour barrier and insulation are torn down and the feed holes are drilled there is nothing but mess.  Then by the time we are done, and the mess cleaned up, it doesn't really look like much was accomplished (the bank account would beg to differ though, electrical isn't cheap).

Here's a recap of the progress to date.

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