Thursday, February 3, 2011

308 Pounds

Today I hauled the drywall scrap out of the basement.  As I was carting it up the stairs and loading it into the truck I was sure I had hit my 1000 pound payload limit.  At the dump I was given a pretty good reality check as I actually only moved 308 pounds of drywall.  Seems hard to believe that 692 pounds of drywall fell off the truck as I drove to the dump.

The basement is coming along nicely.  Ray has been hard at work and hopes to have the first coat of mud on by Saturday.

We also have the carpet guy coming on Tuesday to measure for the flooring.  We're leaning towards carpet #1, the darker one.  We're a bit concerned about the dark color darkening the basement too much, but we're also planning on light paint, so maybe it'll offset??

The window guys should also be calling next week to come do the final measurement and schedule the window replacement.

So we may only be a few weeks away from having the basement ready for some furniture and letting us get the baby's room finished.  Of course we are also only days away from having Scooter.  With any luck Scooter likes Daddy working on the basement.

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