Sunday, November 28, 2010

11 Hours Later

Saturday was a big day in the Van Orman house.

We finally started the basement.  Warren was nice enough to deliver a borrowed framing nailer and he also stayed to help use it.  He was a HUGE help.  

11 hours lated we finished framing the walls and boxing in the soffit.  

There is probably a little bit left to do, but mostly the framing is finished.  Also there was no blood (and if you know the Van Orman boys this is a pretty big deal).  There was only one trip to the hardware store.  And there were only 2 mistakes made.  The first mistake was thinking a rough door opening was too small.  So we made it bigger, only to find out it was right the first time.  So maybe that`s really only one mistake twice.

Hunter was also around and got to help out a little.  He cut a few pieces of wood with the mitre saw, and also punch a few nails with the Ramset.

Afterwards he was overheard telling people we were shooting guns in the basement.  I guess that`s close enough?

We have the plumber scheduled to come next Friday then Denis and Martine are coming down the weekend after for the electrical. I have to get the HVAC guys in quickly and also someone to move a central vacuum line.

Also you can see Nicole was hard at work with the camera.  Here is her artistic photo for the day.  She also made sure that we didn't miss any meals and were well fed.

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