Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pass the turkey please!

This past Thanksgiving weekend we had my family come down from Edmonton for Thanksgiving dinner.  Mom and Dad, and Mamie and Pepere arrived on Saturday.  We spent the day visiting and watching Dad and Ryan tear the house apart while planning the basement.  Why we needed to tear bits and pieces of my ceiling upstairs to better prepare ourselves for renos in the basement, I don't really understand.  But they seem to have come up with a plan and that is all that counts.

Sunday we had Nat and Rob, Jen and Kerri and the two girls, my Uncle Pat and Julien join us for Thanksgiving dinner.  Ryan and I put together a wonderful meal that included turkey (of course!), mashed potatoes, vegetables, stuffing, gravy, buns and a homemade butternut squash soup.  Oh and there were five pumpkin pies in case we each wanted a half.  Thank you Mom and Dad! 

There may have been a moment or two of panic while trying to time everything perfectly (we put the turkey in a few hours too early and then everything else needs to be made in the same last half hour before dinner!) but I think our first Thanksgiving dinner in Calgary was a success.  People did say that they would come back if we hosted again.

Thank you to everyone who made the trip up from Edmonton or Medicine Hat to spend Thanksgiving with us.  And thanks to those who travelled from the far south side of the city as well! ; )
See the rest of the pictures here.

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