Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When it rains, it pours...

No posts for so many weeks and then two in the same day!  Well, as Ryan said, it has been a busy month.  I have had to adjust to going back to school after having the summer off.  That in itself has been hard work.  Good thing I am in my second trimester with a little more energy now!  I have a great class and the kids are always asking me questions about the baby.  They are always offering suggestions on what to name Scooter, in hopes of us choosing their name and feeling as though they played an important part in the little life growing in my belly.  I was even left a note from a one of my students from last year saying that she would miss me when it would be time for me to leave to have the baby.  So although I am excited about not having planning, corrections, report cards, parent-teacher interviews and staff meetings, I will miss the children.

What I really wanted to do was give you an update on Scooter.  I am now at 21 weeks (a little over 5 months) and things seem to be going well.  We had another ultrasound last week and the baby continues to grow at a miraculous rate.  Scooter's feet measure 3.5 centimeters!

Everything seems to be right where it should and if I sit quietly, I can sometimes feel the baby move.  It is such a soft and subtle feeling that sometimes, I wonder if that is what I am really feeling and then I look forward to when Scooter is stronger and can really kick me.  Then I think I should maybe be careful what I wish for. ; )  Here is Scooter's heart beat. It is still strong at 141 beats per minute.

Janae was also curious about how big my belly was getting so we took a picture just for you Janae!

And that is my Scooter update!


  1. Thanks for the picture, Nicole! You look fantastic! And I love that you posted the heart beat. So technologically savvy... :)

  2. Ya that's right Nicole posted the heartbeat as she is a real "techie"

  3. I may have had a little help...