Sunday, October 17, 2010

And it starts

And so it has started.  After an entire summer of not doing it.  Then a couple months of planning it.  Now I have probably gotten really close to starting to get ready to develop the basement.

I got the plans finalized and drawn up on Friday.  Purchased the, what I hope is the correct amount of, wood and moved most of the basement into the garage. Now I can started looking at my schedule to figure out when I can spend half a day at city hall getting my building permit.

The plan was to have Warren and family join us this weekend.  Averley and Nicole were going to take the girls to the zoo and Warren and I were going to start the framing.  Unfortunately both Warren and Nicole weren't feeling well plus the girls were just getting over a cold as well.  So in the end, it didn't really matter that I didn't have my permits yet.  So we pushed the work weekend off a week.  I think we're ready now though.  It should be a good time (or something).

Here are your before pictures, because that's always fun.  

You'll also notice the nice new shelving that made for a lot of extra room.  This side of the basement isn't getting developed.  The ceiling is too low to really make it worth while.  It sounds like a fooseball table is going here now.  Seems you don't need a tall ceiling for foose.

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