Tuesday, May 24, 2011

April Showers Bring Spring Soccer

Nicole wrote a post about soccer a while ago, but it seems to have magically disappeared, so I'll write another one but not as well.

The Van Orman house is in full swing of spring soccer.  Both Nicole and Hunter are playing outdoor soccer this year so soccer is a big part of our lives at the moment.  Nicole plays twice a week and Hunter the same but with a practice as well.

Nicole is playing for the team Purple Rush and so far this season, they've been all wins except one game.  Nicole has also already recorded an assist.  Sophie and I were lucky enough to attend one game and I think Sophie made all the difference as she cheered her mother on.

Also, being the Soccer Mom, I've spent a lot of time at Hunter's games as well.  It's amazing how much his games have changed since U6.

For more soccer pictures, check out this album, they are towards the end.

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