Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another Busy Week

We had a very busy week last week.  I had my first soccer game, which we won, my first baby and me class, a trip to Olds, a visit from my brother, Tina and Madeleine and my very first official Mother`s Day.

I was a little nervous at first about playing soccer so soon after Sophie was born.  I realize you get the okay to start exercising 6 weeks after delivery as long as you are feeling up to it, but soccer can be quite intense and I am known to give it my all even if I am in pain.  Also, last time I played ultimate frisbee, I had to quit the team half way through the season because of my hip injury.  But we had a great first game and I even managed to assist a goal.  I am still feeling my hip injury but I am making sure to stretch and ice it after the games so as to keep it from getting worse.  It is great to get out of the house for an hour two times a week and I think Ryan enjoys his time with Sophie, even if he does try to keep her asleep most of the time.

I also attended my first baby and me class Wednesday at the YMCA.  I signed up for this class to meet other new moms in the area, as well as a reason to get out of the house.  I have to say, and I may be biaised since it is my own child, but Sophie is by far the cutest baby there.

Thursday, Sophie and I made a trip to Olds to visit Averley, Ally and Grace.  We enjoyed some chocolate covered strawberries made by Ally and Averley (Yum!) and then went for a walk.  Ally and I practiced our soccer skills since this is her first year playing on a team.  We practiced kicking and passing but mostly I chased after her as she tried to keep the ball away from me.  After we headed back to the house for some snacks and took as many pictures as we could of the girls before Sophie got tired of being propped up.  It was a wonderful day and we look forward to having another get-together with them soon.

Dan and Tina decided to come to Calgary for a visit this past weekend.  Tina and I wanted to treat ourselves to a pedicure but when I called around, they were all booked for Saturday.  So Tina brought everything we needed to have a pedicure at home.  It was a great surprise.  It was also a lot of fun watching the two girls interact with each other.  Madeleine, who is only 4 months older than Sophie, loves to pet her.  Sounds silly but it is actually very sweet.  She also loves when Baron licks her hands.  I am excited to watch Madeleine and Sophie grow up together and I hope they become close friends one day.

To finish off an already terrific weekend, I celebrated my very first Mother`s Day with Ryan and Sophie.  Sophie and I decided to skip the Mother`s Day run since it looked like it might rain on us and we slept in instead.  After seeing Dan and Tina off, we had a relaxing day, cuddling on the couch and watching movies.  Ryan bought me a beautiful pendant. It is an amythyst, which is Sophie`s birthstone. I have to say I was quite impressed; it may be the most thoughtful and romantic gift Ryan has given me since we have been together (although a close second would probably be the gps I got for Christmas).

Top 10 things about being a mom
10 - a great excuse to buy clothes - when you need a minimum of three tee-shirts a day due to spit ups, times 7 days a week, that`s a lot of tops!
9 - not having to get up early for work
8 - no parent-teacher interviews or report cards
7 - the late night feedings when the house is silent and we stare into each others eyes
6 - watching Ryan play with his daughter
5 - knowing what to do - knowing how to make her stop crying and how to make her smile
4 - listening to her coos and gurgles
3 - her huge smile first thing in the morning when I go to get her and she sees it is me
2 - watching her learn and grow 
1 - the love that fills my heart when I look at my child


  1. That gps was a very thoughtful gift and you know it.

  2. So sweet!! It brought a tear to my eye :)