Friday, December 10, 2010

Still Going

So it's been a bit, and progress is good.  Last post saw that the floor was hammered out and the shower was in.  So now the floor has been cemented back in and this weekend we're doing the wiring.  It's a shame that even though we are making good progress it doesn't look like much is happening. 

I've also got a good start on moving the central vacuum lines.  Actually I had it all dry fitted then the internet told me that I should have used long 90 degree turns instead of short 90s.  So I had to return all the turns and now I have to re-cut the vacuum lines.  Not a big deal but I did loose a days work.

Denis and Martine are down visiting and Denis is doing the electrical while I try to help.  Day one has the vapor barrier and insulation out, the boxes in, and the data, cable, and telephone wires run.  Tomorrow we start pulling wire. 

True to Van Orman style I have to run to Home Depot tomorrow for more supplies because it would be a crime against nature to actually buy everything you need in a single hardware store trip.

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