Saturday, December 11, 2010

Learning Stuff and Things

Last Wednesday we had our first prenatal class.  It's amazing how much you can forget about this "process" in just 10 years.  I don't feel like the expert I should, but it helps make it that much more real and exciting.  In two months there will be another Van Orman roaming the streets.

On a side note I was recently told just how little I love Scooter because I accidentally scheduled a business trip on our next baby class.

With the due date getting even closer Nicole reminds me often that she only has 5 more working days left before she is off for EVAR!!  Not sure how much I like hearing that, I also want to retire.  To help soften the transition I have taken a couple weeks off work around the holidays to stay home and supervise Nicole's transition into taking care of me full time.  Should be good times filled with massages, hot dinners, and never having to grocery shop again.

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  1. When we took the class one birth partner ended up going to Israel on business for 2/4 of the classes. So I would say Ryan must love Scooter a little bit more than he loved "puddin".