Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm so sorry

It's been a while since we've updated our blog.  I blame it on the disaster that is the basement.  Plus I've been on the road a bit, and this all gets in the way of typing on the Internet.

Today I'm working from home so thought I could throw up a couple words for everyone.  Just so you know working from home looks a little different for different people.

For me it looks like this.

For Baron it looks like this.

You'll notice his eyes are open, but just barely.


  1. Funny and all too familiar at the same time! Perhaps Baron, Jack and Oscar should join forces over the holidays and triple their productivity? Sadly, in the end it might only amount to some well established doggie groves in the couch cushion. Overall, this picture is great! I love the light on Baron's coat.

  2. You can't see it, but the cushion has actually started to "pill" due to the time Baron spends on it. He's also nibbled off the button, I think it chaffed his belly.