Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Elise!

On March 11th, Elise turned two years old.  I know...hard to believe.  Usually, when Sophie is at school, Elise and I run errands.  The fact is, it is much easier to grocery shop with one child than with two. No pushing each other in the cart, no fighting about who gets to stand and hold on to the end.  However, I just couldn't drag Elise on another errand for her big day, so I made plans to meet Lori down at Bowness Park.  I think we all would have been happier at the grocery store.  It was freezing!  We lasted all of an hour before leaving, due to chilly fingers and an unhappy toddler.  Sorry Elise!  Later that day, when Dad came home from work, Elise opened a gift and we had a small celebration for her.

The following weekend, we threw Elise a princess birthday party at home with some close friends of ours.  Sarrah, Ryan, Scarlett and Finn; Candice, Mike, Caiden and Aileen; Chelsea, Emily and Logan; and Lori, Scott, Nixon and Leland all joined us in celebrating Elise's special day.  We served hamburger and hotdogs for lunch and, of course, had cupcakes for dessert.  She had a great time.  She didn't really realize the party was for her until we sang happy birthday and she got to blow out the candles.  After that, she went straight for the pile of gifts that had been there all morning, and started opening them.  Too cute!  Happy Birthday to my sweet girl!  We love you so much!

The day after Elise's birthday party, we had some special visitors.  Uncle Jordan, Aunt Cyd, Gus and Redford came to spend a couple nights with us.  Gus, Sophie and Elise had so much fun together; we hardly saw them, they were so busy playing.  I can't wait until Redford is old enough to join the herd.

To see more pics from the month of March, click here.

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