Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sophie's 4th Birthday

I can't believe that Sophie is 4 already!  Her birthday was on a Wednesday and like every Wednesday, she went to preschool.  However, this was an extra special day because it was her snack day, which meant that not only was she leader all morning, but I also got to volunteer in her classroom.  So after I dropped Elise off at Sarrah's house (a first for Elise, being dropped off somewhere), we headed to Sophie's school.  I got to see her daily school routine and participate in all the listening, learning, singing and dancing.  I also got to help with snack and craft time.  Sophie decided her classmates should have a choice for snack time so we made princess/pony sugar cookies and cupcakes.  It was a lovely morning and I am so glad I got to spend that special time with Sophie.  It also made me realize just how much I miss being a teacher!
Celebrating Chinese New Year at school
Later that day, we gave her our birthday present, which she loved!

On the weekend, we had a birthday party for Sophie at Vecova.  She wanted a My Little Pony birthday party this year.  Her good friends, Sarrah, Scarlett and Finn, Candice, Caiden and Aileen, Denny, Chelsea, Emily and Logan, Nike and Dara, Dennis and Alyssa, Kelly, Jude and Jonah, Sana, Aunty Nat and Uncle Rob, all came to celebrate Sophie's 4th birthday.  We spent an hour playing in the gym, then headed to the birthday room for snacks, cake, cupcakes and cookies (because our friends need options!).  Then Sophie got to open the mountain of gifts she was generously given.  There was a great variety of crafts, games and farm animals for her new barn.  It is so nice to have such wonderful and amazing friends!

Pony Princess!
Check out that cake!  More than just a pretty face (as my husband would say).

We also had several visitors come by over the past couple weeks, bringing birthday wishes for the girls.  The weekend before Sophie's birthday Mamie and Pepere came to visit, the weekend after her party, Uncle Dan, Aunt Tina, Madeleine and Vincent came, and just last weekend, Nana and Papa came to stay with us for a night.  We love having family come visit!

Great tool set!  Thanks Mamie and Pepere!
Check out the matching Frozen shirts!  Thanks Aunty Tina!
Touching moment with Papa, walking at Bowness Park
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