Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Easter 2014

For Easter this year, we participated in the Legendary Easter Egg Hunt at Butterfield Acres with our good friends, Ryan, Sarrah and Scarlett.  Even though we headed for the farm all bundled up in tuques and gloves, the girls were excited about the Easter Egg Hunt.  After a story in the farm house, we headed outside to look for some very special, painted rocks that we were to send to the Easter Bunny's workshop.  He would then turn them into chocolate eggs to deliver Easter morning.  After the hunt, we planted oats in a pot to bring home and we visited the farm.  What a great day! 

After a rough night with Elise, who has been busy growing molars, Ryan thought he would be nice by letting me sleep in...on Easter morning!  I was not impressed!  I missed watching Sophie find all her Easter eggs, although I did make it in time to help her find her basket.  Silly Dad!
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