Saturday, April 5, 2014

Elise's First Birthday

Elise had her first birthday this past month and although we wanted to celebrate her day, it was difficult since we were all sick, Elise included.  It has been a rough month, first the flu, then a terrible cold circulated the house and left us all feeling under the weather.  The cold weather and being stuck inside for weeks at a time hasn't helped either.  And on top of that, Elise has started teething her one year molars, which has led to a number of miserable days with a non-stop runny nose.  We did have ice cream cupcakes from Dairy Queen and opened a few gifts on her actual birthday so that her very special day didn't go by unnoticed.  We had to postpone her actual celebration with friends and family to a later date so we didn't spread our germs to everyone.  We did eventually have her birthday near the end of the month.  Uncle Julien and Aunty Chantelle, Uncle Rob and Aunty Nat, Sarrah, Ryan and Scarlett, and Denny, Chelsea, Emily and Logan joined us to celebrate Elise's first birthday.

 Happy First Birthday Elise!  We love you so very much!
To see more pics from the month of March, click here.

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