Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Tough Week

Sophie has had a difficult week.  It all started last Thursday when she went to get her 4 months vaccines.  Need I explain more.  After going alone last time and staying in the nurse's office for almost an hour (for moral support), I made Ryan come with me this time and share in this traumatizing event.  He had to hold both her and me after it was over.  She was a little tender in the legs and had a bit of a fever for a day or two.  But we still packed up and went camping the next day.  She was mostly pleasant during the camping trip, except for a few sleepless nights.  However, since we have been home, she has been fussy, cranky and just not herself.  I called the health link and figured out that not only was she getting over her shots, she also had a stomach bug.  And to top all that off, she has been teething like crazy this week.  Her mouth is constantly bothering her.  I have tried every natural remedy for teething but they seem to be giving Sophie no comfort.  I have had to resort to the good old fashion Tylenol or/and Advil.  It's been several days and she seems to be getting a bit more used to the pain.  I am starting to see her smile again, thank goodness!  I have been trying my hardest to make her as comfortable as I can but there is, unfotunately, only so much I can do for her.  After that I need to just let her deal with it the best she can.  Being a mom is hard!

Despite her rough week, Sophie is still being very active.  Every time I lay her on her back, a few seconds later, she rolls to her belly.  Where once this only happened by accident, now, she has really got the hang of it.  She is also sitting up by herself.  My little girl is growing up!
To see more pictures of Sophie sitting, click here.

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  1. Sorry you had such a tough week. Sophie sure is lucky to have a mom as wonderful as you! She is getting SO cute. I can’t wait to see her soon! :)


    ps I don't know why blogger won't let me sign in. Weird.