Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camping Trips 3 and 4

Two weekends ago, Ryan and I met my mom and dad out at Red Lodge.  The night before we arrived, there had been tornado warnings in the area.  Mom and Dad had gone a day early so I was a bit worried.  They were fine but they did have quite an adventure with golf ball sized hail smashing against the trailer.  Ryan, Sophie and I arrived Friday and had a very relaxing weekend, despite the fact that Sophie just doesn't sleep as well camping as she does at home.  We played cards in Mom and Dad's trailer Friday night since the weather wasn't great.  Saturday, we went for a walk and Dad told us about the moose he missed while he was out walking the day before.  That evening was nice enough for a fire and then Sunday we packed up and headed home. 
Camping trip #4 was at Mount Kidd.  Every year Ryan's parents, siblings and families get together for a weekend of camping.  Unfortunately, Jordan, Cyd and Gus couldn't make it this year since Jordan just started his residency in Toronto.  We arrived Thursday to meet Warren, Ave, Ally and Grace.  They decided to leave Buttons at home to Baron's disappointment.  I don't think he would have liked anything better than chasing that cute little bunny around the campsite all weekend.  Maybe next year, Baron.  Richard, Karen and Janae arrived the next day.  I have never seen Janae quite as excited to camp as she was this weekend.  After a few years, I guess it has finally rubbed off on her.  The weather was great all weekend, we even spent time in the kiddy pool on Saturday.  Sophie just loves the water.  What she doesn't like, though, is sleeping. 
      With every weekend of camping, her sleeping just seemed to get worse and worse.  But this weekend took the cake.  Ryan woke up Friday morning to find Sophie and I frazzled from a sleepless night.  I may have been a touch more frazzled than Sophie as I told Ryan in tears that I never wanted to camp again...ever!  I told him that I thought we should pack up the trailer and go home that very day.  Poor Ryan.  I think I burst his beautiful camping bubble.  He immediately took Sophie out of the trailer so that I could get some rest.  After catching a few more hours of sleep I felt better.  Ave also helped me feel better by telling me that she had had similar experiences and feelings when the girls were younger.  She told me that she was sure she said the exact same thing to Warren before.  I helped Ryan reinflate his bubble by saying we would stay and of course, we would camp again.  However, we did agree that camping every weekend with a baby was overly ambitious and that we would try to keep it to every other weekend in the future.  
Our days were great.  It was nice to see the family and everyone was eager to give our arms a break by holding, cuddling, playing and rocking Sophie.  Ryan's mom even got her to nap in her arms once.  What a lucky girl!  It was Ryan's turn to have a tough man contest with Warren this year, as they spent time comparing axes and seeing who could do the most damage to the wood stack.  We headed home Saturday afternoon feeling better, only to come home to the worst night ever.  Sophie woke up every 40 minutes all night long.  I was up until 4 am, then Ryan took the early morning shift.  I thought it was mostly camping, but it also had to do with teething.  I read that some babies can breeze through teething without really noticing and others can have months of unbearable pain, causing restless or sleepless nights.  Unfortunately we got the latter.  The poor girl is barely consolable at night.  After fighting to get her to swallow the medicine (which is often concealed in the back of her throat and then spit out when we are not looking), it can take a while for her to settle down and the only way we can get any sleep is by taking her to bed with us.  Maybe Ryan was right after all, maybe she will be in our room until she is five.  But at least we will be well rested...or somewhat rested anyway.     
To see more pictures of our camping weekends and Sophie in her new favorite toy, click here.

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