Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Merrick Camping Trip

A number of years ago, my cousin Natalie and her husband Rob were married at Bow Valley campground.  They reserved a group site, threw up a large tent and had a pig roast for their wedding (weird seeing as how she is a vegetarian and all...the things we do for the ones we love!).  Every year since then, they have reserved the same group site and we all go back for a great weekend of camping and catching up with one another. 

This year was extra special since it was Sophie's first camping trip.  All in all, she did pretty well.  Of course she didn't sleep quite as good as she does at home and we were so busy during the day, she didn't get a whole lot of napping in.  But she seemed content in her carrier and even napped in it a few times.  She got to spend some quality time with her cousin Madeleine and visit friends and family.  

One unfortunate event was Sophie waking up at 11:00 pm on Saturday night, screaming so loud that I couldn't calm her down.  Poor girl had started teething.  Good thing we were camping with Dan and Tina.  Tina had some advil on hand so I gave Sophie some medecine.  She got to stay up extra late and watch the fire for a bit until she felt better.  Then she went back to sleep for the night.  Sunday was a bit tough on her as well but her pain seems to have gone away for now.
To see more pictures from the weekend check out the album here.

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