Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Christmas and New Year's 2016

Wow, am I ever behind!  Christmas in May.  Better late than never, right?

Early on, in the month of December, Sophie had a Christmas concert at her school.  Too cute!  She was one of the few that was paying attention and doing all the actions to the songs.  She may have a career on stage; she really seems to love it.

Just before Christmas break started, Sophie hosted a small Christmas party for a few friends from school.  Of course, she would have invited the whole school if I had let her.  Tristan, Ashton, Ewan and his little sister, and Callie came over.  We had a gift exchange and decorated Christmas cookies.  But mostly they just had fun playing and tearing the house apart.

We celebrated Christmas at our place this year.  Nana, Papa and Aunt Janae were here to spend Christmas Eve with us.  The kids got to open one present, pyjamas, slippers and a stuffy (and a book for Hunter, he's so over stuffies!).

Christmas morning was chaos as usual.  There are always far too many presents.  Sophie got her very special pony, StarLily, which she had been asking Santa for since August.  Elise got a barbie pony horse set; Barbie and her three sisters and a horse for each.  Both big hits with the girls.  Hunter got a new cell phone.

Uncle Warren, Aunt Ave, Ally and Grace joined us Christmas day for a turkey dinner.

Finally, we had some friends over to celebrate New Year's.  Candice, Caiden and Aileen; Kelly, Jude and Jonah; and Denny, Chelsea, Emily and Logan were here to count down to 2016 with us (at 8pm).

To see all our December pics, click here.

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