Saturday, July 19, 2014

More Growing Up

There were a couple of pretty special days for Sophie in June that shouldn't go unmentioned.  First, Sophie finished her first un-parented class, a move and movement class which she loved.  When it first started, I was so concerned that she wouldn't want to stay because it was the first thing she had ever done without me.  She was excited before the class even began and on the first day, she ran in without looking back.  Elise and I were left at the door, feeling lost without her.  Funny how things turn out.  Anyways, she loved the class and her teacher, and she can't wait until the fall to take another class.  She told me she wants to take ballet next!  We were allowed to attend her last class to take some pics.  We were so surprised at how well she listened to her teacher.  She was always the first to line up and follow instructions.  I wonder why she doesn't listen to her Mom like that...
Sophie also finished playschool at Early Discoveries this June.  We had been attending a parented class since September.  We went once a week to listen to stories, do crafts and sing songs.  Elise came with us as well and would sing and clap along.  Sophie's good friend, Emily, was also in this class.  Sophie received her very first diploma from her teacher, Mrs. Goodwyn.  Sophie will attend an un-parented preschool in the fall.  Such a big girl!
Our first camping trip of the year was also in June.  We went to Bow Valley with  our good friends, Scott, Lori, Nixon and Leland.  Despite a rough first night with little sleep, everyone had a great time. 
 To see more pics from the month of June, click here.

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