Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Doc!

Sophie continues to enjoy everything that has to do with doctors.  So when I found a tv show on the Disney Junior website called Doc McStuffins, all about a little girl who is a doctor for broken toys, I knew she would love it.  After watching a few episodes, Sophie set up shop in the play structure downstairs claiming it as her clinic.  She played for days, pretending to fix all her stuffies, one by one, and then marking them with a happy face sticker when they were better and ready to go home.  She knows the name for all the doctor's tools and sometimes insists on being called Doc.
When it was time to start planning Sophie's birthday party, she was excited about having a Doc McStuffins party.  We celebrated her birthday this past weekend at the Vecova Centre. We rented the gym for an hour, letting the kids run around and burn off all their energy, and then headed to one of the party rooms for pizza, snacks and cake.  It seemed like a much better option than having a bunch of three year olds take over our house for an afternoon.  Plus, there was no clean-up. Yay for Mom and Dad! 
Her party was well attended; Doc Emily, Doc Caiden, Doc Clara, Doc Nixon and Nurse Leland, Doc Gabby and Nurse Brynn, Doc Camilla, Nurse Liam and Nurse Josh came to celebrate Sophie's third birthday with us.  Sophie got all sorts of great gifts including some of the main characters from Doc McStuffins in stuffie form, a pink dump truck, a Doc Play dough set, puppets, a giant stuffed puppy and Elefun.
Ryan and I got her a Doc McStuffins doctor kit and a dress-up doctor outfit, including scrubs and a lab coat, for her birthday.  The only sad part was when Sophie realized that the stethoscope does not actually turn her stuffies to real life, like Doc's stethoscope does on the show.  But her ability to play imaginary games has really taken off since we had that talk. 

Happy Third Birthday Doc! We love you so very much!
To see more pics of Sophie's birthday and the month of February, click here.

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