Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October 2013

We have had a busy month with some important events; Thanksgiving, Madeleine's birthday and Halloween. 

Nana, Papa, Uncle Warren, Aunt Ave, Ally and Grace joined us for Thanksgiving this year.  We served the usual turkey, mashed potatoes, veggies, stuffing, gravy and homemade buns, and for dessert, pumpkin or apple pie.  As usual, Sophie had a wonderful time playing with her cousins.  She was also very eager to show everyone what a big girl she was, putting her potty into the living room and having Aunt Ave and Ally watch her go.  Way to go, Sophie!

We celebrated Madeleine's 3rd birthday with her at Mom and Dad's in Red Deer.  Our trip out to Red Deer didn't start out too well.  Of course we had the usual headache of just trying to get this family out of the house and into the car, a seemingly simple task that takes 30 minutes on a good day.  Then about 20 minutes from Red Deer, Sophie started complaining that she didn't feel well.  This is pretty typical, she has never travelled well in the car.  I gave her some fish crackers to settle her stomach, but before we knew it, the seat in front of her was wearing her snack.  Poor girl insisted that we keep going and none of us really wanted to drive the hour back to Calgary with the car smelling the way it did.  She said she felt fine after that, no more upset stomach.  So we went to Mamie and Pepere's house, threw Sophie's clothes and car seat cover in the wash, while Ryan spent some time with a bucket, some soap and a sponge in the car.  Then we continued on with our day.  
Sophie and Madeleine were excited to see each and had a great time playing with Pepere's doll house, as well as Madeleine's birthday presents.  We also took the girls to a park nearby.  We stayed until after dinner then headed home.

For Halloween this year, Sophie was dressed as ladybug and Elise was an elephant.  We went trick or treating with our friends Denny, Chelsea, Emily and Logan.  We visited 7 or 8 houses on the street, just the neighbour's that we know and then headed home so Sophie could enjoy one treat before getting ready for bed.  She had a great time and was sad when we had to take down the decorations.  I told her not to worry because the Christmas decorations would be coming out soon.  Now she won't stop talking about how it is almost Christmas, definitely her mother's daughter.

I can't ever seem to get both girls to smile for the same picture.  To see more pics from the month of October, click here.