Saturday, June 22, 2013

First Camping Trip of the Year

Seven years ago, when I met Ryan, he had a tent trailer and I teased him about it, telling him he wasn't really "camping" with such luxuries as matresses, a table, and storage.  This year we have purchased our forth trailer, upgrading just a bit each time.  The trailer we are sporting this year is 31 feet, has two slides and two tvs.  There are three queen beds (one in a seperate bedroom) and a bunk, as well as a table and a couch.  Now that I have been spoiled with such comfort, I'm not sure why I thought tenting was so great in the first place. 

We took our fancy new trailer out a couple weeks ago.  Sophie did not remember camping from last year.  She had a blast and declared that she loved camping as soon as we arrived.  We went to Westward Ho for the weekend with Uncle Warren, Aunt Ave and cousins Ally and Grace.  Sophie loved spending the day outside in the fresh air and having her aunt, uncle and cousins right outside her door, ready to give her lots of attention.  I also really enjoyed our trip.  Sophie was so busy and Elise slept up a storm, so I actually got to relax a fair bit.  And when Elise wasn't sleeping, there was always someone willing to hold her.  Ally was usually the first in line.

To see more pictures of our camping trip, click here. To see some pictures of last month, click here.

We were supposed to go camping again this weekend but due to the non-stop rain and flooding in Calgary, our trip was cancelled.  We were all quite disappointed, Sophie most of all.  However, we are thankful to not have had any damage or flooding in our house, and not to have been one of the 25 communities to be evacuated yesterday.  Bridges are underwater and downtown is expected to be closed until mid-week.  Here are a few pictures of Calgary taken yesterday.

 Calgary Floods 2013

Parts of Calgary's East Village were flooded on Friday, June 21, 2013

Our thoughts are with the many families that have lost their homes and/or have been displaced due to this tragedy.

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