Thursday, March 22, 2012

Top 10 Things About my One Year Old

Now that we are down to one nap a day, I am finding it hard to find time to blog.  And when Sophie is awake, she continues to grow so quickly and learn so much that I don't want to miss one minute with her.

There are so many more but I narrowed it down to the top ten things I love about Sophie this month.

10- Sophie is starting to say some words.  She works hard at repeating many words we say, even though she she doesn't always know what they mean.  These are the words that she uses all on her own and understands very well - "no" (her most frequently used word), "up" (a close second), "duck" (which was her first word - said on her first birthday!), "dog," "more," "apple" (which is used to refer to any fruit or vegetable with the exception of the banana, which is pronounced "nana"), "book," ball," "Nunu" and "Pepper" (names of two of her stuffies), and "hat" and "cat" (although they both are pronounced "dat").
9- When I tell her her daddy is home, she runs to the window, smiles and waves until he can see her and waves back.  Then she giggles and laughs with delight at her accomplishment.
8- She loves to read.  What teacher wouldn't love that!
7- Almost any music playing makes her dance.  I swear it is involuntary some times.
6- She understands so much that is said to her.  She absolutely understands the words "no" and "don't" - when she hears these words, she shakes her head and says "no, no, no" but doesn't always follow her own advise.
5- She adores being chased - what girl doesn't?  She also likes hiding when she is being chased.  When discovered, she squeals and runs away.
4- She loves hugs, so much so that while we were at the library the other day, another young little girl came up to Sophie and the two of them, for no particular reason, started hugging each other.  This hug lasted minutes and then they went their seperate ways.  It was adorable.
3- She is very social.  She smiles and waves at strangers when we are out and about.  Once, we were out for dinner and she wandered over to a table with a family of five.  They picked her up and passed her around the table as she dazzled them with her winning smile.  Must take after her mom!
2- We have so much fun together.  Every morning I wake up and I am excited to spend another day with my beautiful daughter.  I can't say I was that excited about going to work.
1- When I open my arms for a hug, she runs to me with a huge grin on her face.  We hug and then she gives me an extra tight squeeze at the end.

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