Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer is coming to an end

August is almost over and although we haven't gone camping lately, we have still been very busy.

The last weekend of July, we headed to Edmonton for Madeleine's baptism.  We had a great weekend visiting with family.  Unfortunately, we did not get a single picture of Madeleine in her baptism dress.  When we got to the church we realized someone had forgotten the memory card in the computer at home; there really is no need to point fingers because I am sure that the person who did this felt really bad about it and learned her lesson.  Click here to see pictures of the family gathering after the baptism.

We had a couple visitors during the month of August, the first being Janae, who came to stay with us for a few days and since she was having such a good time, she decided to stay a few more days.  She pretended to have car troubles but I know it was just an excuse.  During her week here, we took Sophie for her first trip to the Calgary Zoo.  Wow, was she impressed!  She showed as much interest in the camels as she did in her cousins, Ally and Grace.  Actually that isn't true, she found her cousins far more interesting.  Maybe next year she will be truly dazzled by the zoo creatures.  To see pictures of our day at the zoo, click here.

Hunter came home the same week Janae came for a visit.  He had been gone to camp in London, Ontario for a month.  He had a really great time and made friends from around the world.  The kids were encouraged to bring items and clothes from home to trade so he came back with a lot of cool stuff from different countries.  He even traded for a shirt and vest from Norway.  We thought he should wear it for the first day of school but for some reason, he didn't agree with us.

 My parents also came for a visit this month.  During their stay, we spent a day at Bowness Park.  While my dad and Hunter played minigolf and took a paddleboat out on the lake, Sophie, my mom and I put out a blanket, relaxed and enjoyed the weather.  It is always fun to visit with family! 

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